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protoworld is just real life

i love it!


I really like all the abilities. Each one has its own charm to it and mixing and matching all of them gives tons of opportunities for interesting/fun environments. I also really liked the little part where you were forced into a ball. There are so many little aspects like that thrown in already that really make this stand out. The atmosphere and aesthetic are great and really enhance the experience as well. Looking forward to where this will be taken!

I sat by that little hole and just hopped around for like ten minutes. Crow simulator my beloved

Just FYI this build can't be installed via the client. Only by downloading the files directly. You might want to repackage it to fix that.

The game has a real unique concept, like Goat Simulator but as a dino bird that can eat things and a camera view that shows more of the world. Even though it's still in alpha there's so much here already from creatures to abilities and collectibles, makes me wonder what's more to come. Right now, the thing I feel a little bit weird and clunky is the glide mechanic or maybe I'm doing it wrong. I see a 6.75/10 from a first look at this alpha build. Oh, I also did a video of it:


Version 1.0 could be downloaded via the itch client, but this version can not. Would it be possible to change how this version is packaged?

It seems to work now? Thanks!

Just got through the whole thing, and it is just as fun and charming as it looked. Whenever it gets a full release you better believe I'll be getting it immediately if I can!!



Literally love everything about this game.