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I really enjoyed my time with this game! art style is awesome, one thing I found difficult to do was the bellyflop ability, sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't, overall good experience, cant wait for the release!

Firstly, the graphics are stunning, inspiring even! Wow I love the aesthetic of the game and the birds are so cute! Animation is smooth and it was fun walking and rolling around. One thing that annoyed me was the sheer amount of things you could do with the bird. The belly flop was a bit frustrating to play with, and I felt that I didn't even need it after learning the tongue move. Also, I noticed that if you land on a slope while gliding, you would continue to glide, causing me to be stuck on a roof in the big city (the roof is near the NPC mentioning big rocks). 

Silly dialogue and I found eating everything to be super satisfying. Munch!

Fun prototype! Will be following and looking forward to the release of this game!
    - Lewashi

also I played on mac and I didn't encounter any bugs so thank you for that

The game is ULTRA MEGA GREAAt. I love the abilities, different puzzles, secrets, the design and the npc dialogues.

The only thing is I got a little stuck with keyboard controls (especially with the tongue and dash) and I got a little stuck with the red beetles as well, but that could pretty much be just me. 

Otherwise I think the game is very fun and clever and I loved it :D

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Heya, I just wanted to tell you that on the level where you learn how to glide, once you've rolled up and glided across the waterfall for the first time, then stepped up those 3 steps to the right, then turn around to go up the step again,you can fall through the floor and into the void in the right corner (circled red in picture) or clip through the step while gliding (blue arrow)

Love the visuals & general atmosphere in the game! maybe consider making the shrieks of the little prey birds quieter, I started eating them all just to shut them up.

Also, it would be nice if the player could set which keyboard key does what, I'm very used to the space bar being the jump key and it took some getting used to.

But yeah for an Alpha demo this is so good and I'm really looking forward to the full version! Keep up the good work!

I really like this game's soundtrack! Is there anywhere I can listen to it?

Playing on PC

really really nice! very smooth movement, easy to control, physics seem really natural and dynamic with the ball/dash and with swimming/flying - i especially had fun with the swoop hehe the movement on that is really nice, def creates a nice feeling of sudden speed.

The sound and visuals are really well constructed too, they fit nicely together to create a really solid environment. I like the aesthetic and the character design fits the 3d style i think.

I like how the character gains physical additions with each new skill learned, but if i had a criticism it was perhaps that there were quite a lot of skills which personally i dont think you need all of - maybe consider cutting a couple? but then if they're more spread out in the final thing it might work better, idk

Really interested to see where this goes! hope you have fun and it goes well ^-^

I think the movement is super clean. Very controlled when moving normally and more natural and physics based with the ball. I think one thing about the movement that I had a challenge with was facing the right direction, specifically when I wanted to use the tongue. I would have to push the right way but on controller sometimes I'd end up facing a different direction because of how I stopped (release of the stick). If I went to fast I'd walk off the edge. I think a simple way to fix this and retain the original feel would be to have a small start speed that builds quickly to the normal walk speed, ease in ease out kinda deal but very slight so it's still snappy and how you intended. Super cool style, visuals, and sound. I am looking forward to seeing this go crazy haha sick work.

i love this. movement feels good and i had a ball with the flying. aesthetics of cubivore's long lost pc98 cousin. gud gud gud.

I've been following the progress of this for a while, and it looks beautiful!

sadly when I play it on Mac the screen is all glitchy with red yellow and green noise :'( and my ps4 controller seems to have broken controls (the chomp moves you to the left and the roll only goes down)

it won't let me select any buttons in the menu either :'(

This is so awesome!! I've been following progress on tumblr for a bit and it was amazing to try out! I love how you can drive the car into the rooms >:D

after watching you post progress updates on every new "guy" for years now this is IMMENSELY gratifying... so well done and so exciting to see!!!!

big city car guy go honk

Fun lil demo cant wait to see the finished game.  Even got all the lil stars on the side!!

i love this! its beautiful and the soundtrack is nice

I'm getting an error that the pathway is too long when trying to extract? I have windows 10

Hmm, can you try extracting it to your desktop or renaming the folder to something shorter? I probably shouldn't have given them such long names haha

Nevermind, I used the app to install instead and it worked fine!


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